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" Chef's Kiss to these sauces. The steak sauce is both delectable and versatile. I have used it for marinades, Bloody Mary's, breakfast sandwiches, dipping sauce for potatoes, etc. The Kung WOW sauce is so good I could eat it by the spoonful but typically eat it with dumplings or in stir fry. "

— Kelsie B, Denver, CO


" Chin Dribblin' sauces are by far my favorite sauces in my fridge. As a matter of fact -all the other sauces in my fridge became irrelevant once i discovered these sauces. The steak sauce was my first purchase and I went through a bottle in one week. I mean I put it on legit everything. I even got caught taking a sip of it out of the bottle. It’s great with all meats and even is a great touch for a Bloody Mary. Then- the Kung WOW sauce came out. The flavor gods would be PROUD of this sauce. From dumplings to Sushi- this sauce is pure FIRE. I love these sauces and I love this small business even more. The customer service is amazing as well.  If you haven’t bought this sauce yet- What are you waiting for??  Seriously- BUY IT NOW! "

— Jules A, Queens, NY


“In my house, we don't sit down for a meal without Chin Dribblin' Sauces. It's so nice to quickly and easily add bold flavor to any dish or even a Bloody Mary with these sauces! There are no limits. Breakfast, Lunch, (happy hour), or Dinner!”

— Sarah L, Denver, CO


" The BEST steak sauce I have ever had. Seriously addicted. Could eat it by the spoonful (and definitely have). As a marinade or add to burgers, veggies eggs, the options are endless. If you haven't tried these sauces yet, what are you waiting for?! Go and order yours today and thank me later!"

— Mikaela H, Denver, CO

" Chin Dribblin' sauce rocked my world!!! So far I have only tried the steak one and let me tell you I am mindblown -- the unique blend of spices is so flavorful, yet simple -- it makes my mouth tingle, and you can literally put it on anything! I just ordered the Kung WOW stir fry sauce and I can't wait to try one of Chef Ali's recipe's I found in the blog :p I'm going to substitute pork for chicken!! "

— Jackie H, Miami, FL


"The Kung WOW sauce is to die for. One of my favorite dishes to make is a simple stir fry. Adding Chin Dribblin's Kung WOW sauce it takes it to a different level. No more take out for me, I am staying in with my Chin Dribblin!"

— Molly R, Seattle, WA


" These sauces are a bit irresistible. When I say that what I mean is that they are absolutely delicious as a compliment to some of the regular foods we cook in our house. But what I really mean is that I guess I'm not supposed to walk by the refrigerator, take it out and just taste it on my finger. But they're just that good."

— Tracy Z, Weston, FL


"WOW! Literally the words that came out of my mouth the first time I tried the Kung WOW sauce. Amazing flavor, and another Chin Dribblin' sauce that can be paired with so many foods. Threw this in my stir fry last night...I don't think I'll be using and other sauces going forward. 10 out of 10, Get yourself some sauce"

— Bryan, S Denver, CO

"This sauce is beyond any expectations. we like to put the Kung WOW for an extra kick on asian bowls, quesadillas and vegan burgers. the original is great for any sort of meat and adds a flavorful tang to any dish."

— Lauren S, San Francisco, CA


"The Kung WOW sauce is truly amazing. It brings to life any dish! It has a wonderful sweet and tangy flavor with hints of garlic that is simply divine!"

— Katrina D Littleton, CO


— Arin C, Stapleton, CO


"You have to try Chin Dribblin! Chef Ali knows how to combine the perfect mixture of ingredients to create a sauce you can put on pretty much anything! Delicious!"

— Hannah S Arvada, CO

"With a passion for flavor and a knack for creativity, Chin Dribblin' has made some of the most versatile sauces I've ever had. Complex and balanced at the same time, they compliments huge spectrum of dishes from daybreak to dinner. Try it out and I guarantee you'll be back for more!"

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